Run Time moved up by 30 minutes

The current weather forecast for Sunday, March 15th calls for record high heat. The weather conditions pose a high level of risk for marathoners and all participants should be advised to take precaution. Everyone who participates should strongly consider running at a slower pace than they would normally plan to run a marathon.

The ASICS LA Marathon is taking the following measures to reduce the risks:

o Moving the ‘full field’ start time 30 minutes earlier – from 7:25 am to 6:55 am o Initiating wave starts to ensure proper runner spacing and enabling more efficient replenishment of supplies at early aid stations

o Increasing the overall supply of aid, including additional water and Gatorade

Endurance Formula at all 24 aid stations o Providing ‘cooling buses’ along the course and at the finish line o Providing misting stations, cold towels and ice o Extending the length of time finish line services will be available o Providing regular updates as to additional resources added for the event

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