Legacy Runner Scott Cline #10147

LA Marathon Memory

My single strongest memory is of Muhammad Ali from

the earlier 1990s. (It was at the start of one of our

marathons, heading North on Figueroa from the

Coliseum area). Ali attended many of these earlier

starts, and I’ve done them all, so sorry, I can’t be

certain which year it was.

Ali is up on the Starter’s stand, waving to us as we go

by. Many, many people are chanting, “Ali! Ali!” while

beginning their own personal endeavor. Despite his

debilitating Parkinson’s, Ali came and gave strength to

many of us.

One of the runners going by got so wrapped up in the

enthusiasm that he removed his LA Marathon runner’s

hat and then, apparently without thinking about Ali’s

Parkinson’s, flung it up to him. The hat was flying on a

curve to pass in front of Ali, spinning as a Frisbee does.

I was amazed to watch Ali’s eyes lock onto the hat, and

see his hand snake out to strike and grab the hat

before it flew past. A cheer from the crowd!

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