Legacy Runner Ruth Carter #10242

Ruth Carter, age 70 (7/5/1939), Ridgecrest, CA
The first L.A. Marathon was my first marathon. Now I have completed 47 marathons

(including the 24 at L.A.) and several ultras. As everyone, I’m sure, I did L.A. under

all circumstances – 2 times when I had very bad colds, 8 times when I lived in

Sacramento, and so on. The hardest – the year my daughter passed away from

cancer. There are so many good memories, too. It’s so much fun to see other

Legacy Runners on the course and to be recognized as a Legacy by other runners.

Above all, I love the people of Los Angeles who come out to cheer us on and the

volunteers who work just about as hard as we do.

Ruth Carter, Legacy 10242


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