Legacy Runners # 10076 – 10100

image Legacy #10100 Bill Colangelo

Bill Colangelo

Age: 56

Canyon Country

LA 1 in 1986 was my first marathon. Since

that memorable day, my life has changed.

This event has taught me valuable lessons

about running and about life. I have

learned to pace myself and stay on course

through the many months of training

leading up to race day. I’ve learned to

believe in the power of commitment. This

day has also become a ritual for my family.

Every year, they come together to cheer

on the runners and wait patiently for me to

complete my task. This marathon is so

much more than a road race in my life. It

is a celebration of the promises I have

made to live a meaningful life, to be an

example and to challenge myself physically and mentally.

This year, my youngest daughter Caitlin is running her first marathon! We have trained together &

have forged a new bond between us as runners. It is yet another wonderful blessing that the LA

Marathon has bestowed on me.

Imagine what you Desire

Create what you Imagine

Will what you Create

– author unknown