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image KTLA 2015 Legacy Runner Start

Watch the  Legacy Runners start the 2015 LA Marathon !!!!

image Run Time moved up by 30 minutes

The current weather forecast for Sunday, March 15th calls for record high heat. The weather conditions pose a high level of risk for marathoners and all participants should be advised to take precaution. Everyone who participates should strongly consider running at a slower pace than they would normally plan to run a marathon.

The ASICS LA Marathon is taking the following measures to reduce the risks:

o Moving the ‘full field’ start time 30 minutes earlier – from 7:25 am to 6:55 am o Initiating wave starts to ensure proper runner spacing and enabling more efficient replenishment of supplies at early aid stations

o Increasing the overall supply of aid, including additional water and Gatorade

Endurance Formula at all 24 aid stations o Providing ‘cooling buses’ along the course and at the finish line o Providing misting stations, cold towels and ice o Extending the length of time finish line services will be available o Providing regular updates as to additional resources added for the event

image Legacy Runners 2015 LA Times

Walking on the San Clemente pier a week before running in her 67th marathon, Ann Tack McClure is difficult to distinguish from the throngs of Orange Coast sun-worshipers enjoying an early-March afternoon.

Her brightly-colored attire hardly stands out among the surfers and day-trippers who walk nearby. It does nothing to signal the battles she has fought and won in a 70-year life that is often recalled in 26.2-mile chapters. Link to read Los Angeles Times News  Story

10155 Legacy John Butcher

A good picture from last year’s LA Marathon on Memorial Day, when I saw a guy ahead of me running with a large American flag.  I caught up to him and told him how great it looked but asked if it wasn’t heavy.  He said, “No, here you try it.” and he handed it off to me.

John Butcher 10155

2009 L.A. Marathon Video

Official 2009 Marathon Video

image Legacy’s at Dodger Stadium

Legacy’s at Dodger Stadium before the race.

image The Last Legacy Runner

The last Leagcy Runner  (on a stick)