About The Legacy Runners

The Legacy competitors can be identified by their bib numbers, from 10001-10291

2014 – Stats

As of 2014, there are 178 Legacy Runners of the LA Marathon. We have run each and every LA Marathon since the beginning in 1986.
In 1995, LA marathon 10, there were 543 Legacy Runners (then called Tenners).


2010 – Stats

A total of 233 “Legacy” competitors – those who have completed each and every Los Angeles Marathon

miles, equivalent to 5.88 times around the circumference of the Earth (24,902 miles)! Highlights of this

unique group include:


– will toe the starting line on March 21. Taken together, their 24 years of racing have covered 146,510.4
? Of the 233 Legacy competitors, 206 are men and 27 are women.
?Of the 233 Legacy competitors, 217 come from California and 16 from Arizona (2), Idaho (2),Illinois (1), Massachusetts (1), Nevada (4), New Mexico (2), North Carolina (1), Texas (1),Washington, D.C. (1) and one from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.\
?The oldest Legacy male is Albert Pugliese (Sun City West, Arizona) at 86.
?The oldest Legacy female is Patricia DeVita (Granada Hills, California) at 76.
?The youngest Legacy male is Art Gonzalez Jr. (North Hollywood, California) at 43.
?The youngest Legacy female is !Aimee Wyatt (Cambria, California) at 40, meaning she started  running the Marathon at age 16
?There are two married couples who are both Legacy runners:
?    Charles Cutting (racewalker) and Jane Cutting (runner) of Hayden, Idaho.
?    Ricardo and Laura Castenada, both runners, of South Gate, California.
?Of the 233 Legacy competitors, 229 are runners, two are racewalkers and two are wheelchair competitors.

One competitor,the race. Carlson – a dentist from Burbank, California – has competed in two divisions ofHe ran the Marathon for the first 22 years then switched to the Handcrank Wheelchair division  due to an ankle injury.

The Legacy competitors can be identified by their bib numbers, from 10001-10291